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3 Years of Operation
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About Us

Addressing the needs of Individuals and businesses while planting the seeds for a secure future.

Banking for Easy Life

AssetHub is a product of RIF FUTURES, an intercontinental company dedicated to decentralized and Quality Business and technological Innovations. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use ecosystem that can take control of your finances. With our unified platform, you are able to start banking in a trusted, open, and decentralized financial system, Manage your finances in one place with AssetHub's wealth management, invest and Exchange currencies and also gain access to interest free loan services. Our mission is to reinvent the way banking is perceived by providing true helping solution in a stable and friendly environment With over 3years in service and running, Assethub is the gateway to true Financial stability and independency

What We Can Help With

We want to provide people with a transparent banking and investing experience that moves them closer to financial freedom.

Stable & Profitable

Our professional traders and fund managers manage the capital and ensure stability towards financial freedom.

Interest Free Loan System

We take the needs and affordability of our clients businesses and lifestyles into consideration

Fixed Deposit

Keep track of your account with a peace of mind. We also send out periodic updates.

We Are Innovated

AssetHub is designed on lightweight technology to ensure a smooth and happy user experience

Registered & certified

we are a registered financial service provider with consistent service over the years

Online Transfer

we offer quality services in different continents and ensuring quality payments delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short informations to get you started

AssetHub is a leading financial service provider dedicated to promoting quality and True financial services.

Our major investors are located in United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria, we also ensure service delivery to other African and European countries.. Do contact our support team to know more about the state of your country at Backoffice@assethub.com.ng .

We offer majorly investment and Exchanges as a service,we also offer loan services to our verified members

We offer short term investment called Hubshort investment and Hubvest Investment. Hubshort investment goes to Capital Market, Import and Export and Exchanges. Their maturity date is usually within 1month to 1year Hubvest investments are investment involving market creation and channeling, company investments and financing, capital project financing e.t.c and they usually take longer maturity period of 2year to 20 years.

We offer interest free loan and can take between 6months to 30months durations. Our loan service is for members with not less than 6months of registration. Kindly check our loan terms and conditions

Yes, we require basic identity information about our users in other to know them and enable processing of unrestricted services in their home country. also, do not support money laundering. Account name used during registration must be the same with local bank account in case of funds withdrawal

Averagely between 1hour to 3 Business days. Should there be any reason for payment delay, your account manager will communicate through to you.

The verification code is meant to enable us verify your identity with us, it may take within 5-10Min. You can request for code resend after 10min and wait for 24hrs max. Send us a mail at Backoffice@assethub.com.ng if you need further support.

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